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Hollywood Arts uses the arts both therapeutically and to teach life and job-readiness skills that will empower teenagers to use their own talents to change their lives.
Music at Hollywood Arts
Music is integral to the lives of our students and is highly effective as a tool to help youth explore facets of themselves in a safe environment. Exposure to music helps youth manage stress, express their feelings, enhance their memory and improve their communicative skills. Music has nonverbal, creative, structural, and emotional qualities. These qualities are used to facilitate group interaction, self-awareness, cognitive learning, and personal development. Music at Hollywood Arts includes interactions with professional musicians, acoustic guitar lessons, drum circles and the opportunity to work in a fully equipped recording studio.

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Digital Lab at Hollywood Arts
Our full-service computer lab will provide a place to engage our students in creative endeavors while stimulating intellectual curiosity and providing the chance for the teenager to focus the mind and connect the eyes with the hands and the imagination. Our computer classes will encourage students to draw upon their own experiences and interests and to translate these into digital imagery that is personally meaningful. Our computer lab also gives the teenagers the chance to familiarize and master the core components of basic computer coding which will be fundamental to many careers in the creative industries including: animation, video gaming and graphic design.

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Urban Arts at Hollywood Arts
Urban arts includes Painting, drawing, printmaking, fashion, and photography and helps the teenagers use their non-verbal abilities to express emotions, anxieties, and needs while providing roads to accomplishment that strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence. Moreover small group classes provide opportunities for youth to improve their intercommunicative skills by encouraging them to trust their classmates as well their own critical thinking skills. Translating ideas and thoughts into two-dimensional representations also helps our students sharpen their cognitive skills such as memory, attention, language, and ability to analyze and interpret. Painting and drawing offer a more flexible and nonverbal approach to emotional well being and growth.

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Clay at Hollywood Arts
Working in clay provides many valuable lessons of which the most important is the chance to communicate thoughts in space and form. However working in clay also teaches students mechanical skills, geometry and basic chemistry along with critical thinking skills such as planning, strategy, problem solving, and visual thinking (reproducing in three dimensions from a drawing) Clay permits one to add or subtract in all ways necessary to help fine tune and develop thoughts. Modeling in clay also provides a strong sense of accomplishment when the finished pieces are returned from the kiln. Clay is the material with which to dream physical possibilities and to carry them to reality.

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Dance at Hollywood Arts
Dance uses choreographed or improvised movement as a way of treating social, emotional, cognitive, and physical problems. Throughout the ages, people all over the world have used dance to express powerful emotions, tell their stories, treat illness, celebrate important events, and maintain communal bonds. Dance harnesses the power of movement to promote personal growth, health, and well-being. Our students engage in both free-style dance movements within a structured environment while learning how to choreograph and present their own moves!

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Drama at Hollywood Arts
At Hollywood Arts, our students are given the chance to tell their own stories through. theater. They work in groups to write the scripts and then learn how to block out the stories on stage. Drama is active and experiential. This approach can provide the context for youth to tell their stories, set goals, solve problems, and express their feelings. Through drama, the inner lives or our youth can be explored and interpersonal relationship skills can be enhanced. Behavior change, skill-building, emotional and physical integration, and personal growth can be achieved through play acting while teaching real life skills such as critical thinking.

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